The Clerk of Court is an elected official who serves a four year term. The Clerk of Court serves both the Circuit Court and the Family Court and is responsible for docket management, receipt of fees, fines and costs, maintenance of all court records and submission of reports to a variety of state and federal agencies. Circuit Court is divided into General Sessions (Criminal) and Common Pleas (Civil) cases. Some of the Clerk of Court duties for these courts include receipt of criminal warrants, jury management and staffing the courtrooms while court is in session. The Clerk of Court is also responsible for Family Court and the collection and disbursement of court ordered child support and/or alimony payments, issuance of Rules to Show Cause, child support enforcement and filing of Orders of Protection.

The Clerk of Court for York County also serves as the Register of Deeds and is responsible for recording all property transactions and records as required by state law.

Clerk of Court Contact Information:

General Sessions (Criminal) 
PO Box 649 - 1675 1G York Highway
York, SC 29745
Main Line - 803-628-3036    
Fax Number - 803-628-3133

Common Pleas (Civil)

PO Box 649 - 300 West Liberty Street,
York, SC 29745
Main Line - 803-684-8507      
Fax Number - 803-684-8575

Family Court 
PO Drawer 11746
Rock Hill, SC 29731
1070 Heckle Boulevard Suite 205
Rock Hill, SC 29732
Main Line - 803-909-7100    
Fax Number - 803-909-7140    
Information Line - 803-909-7340

Register of Deeds 
PO Box 649 - 20 West Liberty Street
York, SC 29745
Main Line - 803-684-8510    
Fax Number - 803-684-8560

Passport Acceptance Facility
PO Box 649 - 2 North Congress Street
York, SC 29745
Main Line - 803-818-6840
Fax Number - 803-818-5717