Effective Jan.1st 2015 Public Works Water & Sewer Division will begin implementation of the "FOG" or Fats, Oils and Grease Program for all food service establishments. Please click here for further information.


Payments and Applications

1070 Heckle Blvd
Suite 101, Box 10
Rock Hill, SC 29732
(866) 541-4098 to pay by phone
(803) 327-8639 for information

If you have a question about your bill, please e-mail the water & sewer department at water.sewer@yorkcountygov.com. You will receive a reply within two business days.


The York County Water and Sewer Department operates and maintains water and sewer systems in defined service areas in eastern York County and western York County. The department purchases water from the City of Rock Hill. The county has in excess of 10,000 retail customers in its service areas. York County also provides wholesale water service to the Lake Wylie community through Carolina Water Service (803.367.4314) and to Tega Cay through the City of Tega Cay (803.548.3512). Sewer service is provided through a collection system owned by York County with treatment being provided by the City of Rock Hill’s Manchester Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility.


  • Provide drinking water to defined service areas in eastern and western York County
  • Install new water meters for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities
  • Conduct monthly meter reading and maintain billing services
  • Operate and maintain water transmission facilities and sewer collection facilities in compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Maintain elevated water storage facilities for distribution system
  • Review facility expansion plans for proposed development
  • Perform monthly and annual regulatory testing to ensure all drinking water standards are met

This Office Does Not

  • Maintain or operate any well systems.
  • Install septic tanks or approve plans for septic tanks.
  • Own or operate any water or wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Provide natural gas services or residential garbage service.
  • We do not provide backflow testing.


Does York County accept payments by phone or on-line?
Yes, You may pay by phone at 866.541.4098 or online at http://waterbills.yorkcountygov.com.
Does York County accept credit/debit cards?
Yes, you may now pay online or in our office with cash, check, debit or credit cards.
Does York County have an office in Fort Mill?
No, the only location for payments and to establish new service is located at the York County Complex located at 1070 Heckle Blvd., Rock Hill (803) 909-7280.
Does York County operate a county-wide water and sewer system?
No.  Other water and sewer systems are operated by the municipalities located in York County and by private water service providers.
Does York County have information on other water and sewer service providers in the county?
Information is available through the municipalities or private utility providers.
Who do I contact about irrigation meter installation?
Customers of York County may contact the County's Water and Sewer office at (803) 628-3211 or (803) 327-8639 for information.
Who do I contact about locating my underground utilities?
You may contact Palmetto Utility Protection Services (PUPS) at (888) 721-7877.